Next Steps

  • Setting up your profile — the sooner you do this, the sooner you are up and running in Amazon Alexa devices & search engines

  • How all the technology works

  • How do you get leads

  • What is included in your monthly membership

    • Agent Directory — Public profile page with customized URL for SEO

    • Voice Marketing — Seller leads within your claimed territory (zip code) from all Amazon Alexa devices using the Alexa Skill and Flash Briefing

    • Contests — Company paid raffles and personalized marketing materials to engage your farm and sphere of influence

    • Referrals — Affiliate program tracking and monthly pay-outs (10% per month)

  • How we advertise to property owners

    • Targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads

    • Strategic online SEO campaigns

    • Monthly contests and raffles with prizes (like free Amazon Echo Dots)

    • Continued research and development with voice technologies

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