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Lead Generation with My Home Agent ®

My Home Agent is the premier voice marketing platform for real estate professionals. Our innovative and cutting edge technology is built to connect property owners with Realtors using Amazon Alexa enabled devices. Voice technology is growing and Alexa enabled devices will be in 48% of homes by the end of the Christmas season 2018. It is time for Realtors experiment with innovative technology and continue to stand out from the competition. View My Home Agent on

Amazon Mini Podcasts.
aka Flash Briefings.

Like a short and sweet podcast - Amazon Flash Briefing are personalized mini-podcast that your sphere, clients, family and friends can subscribe to. We will manage and upload your monthly recordings to Amazon for you to share your Flash Briefing and increase your online presence and stay top of mind. Example of a Flash Briefing on — Listen to David+Kayla

1. Customized flash briefing with market updates
— Upload a new flash briefing monthly for your clients, friends and family
— Provide your SOI updates on market trends from average price to number of homes sold

2. Create voice marketing content around your business and successes
— Share open house schedules, upcoming events, sales and records
— Introduce partners; lenders, inspectors, etc to your Sphere of Influence

3. Personalized and unique link to you and your business
—  Photo of you on your flash briefing with personalized text and messages
— Unique link to your flash briefing to share with your Sphere of Influence

Virtual Assistant.

1. Personalized Skill on Alexa enabled devices
— Personalized Skill on and all Alexa enabled devices
— Customize the photo, name of the Skill and include city name and state

2. Email notifications when your Sphere of Influence uses your skill
— Instant email between you and your SOI when someone uses your skill
— Know who is thinking about real estate and asking real estate related questions

3. Referral network with My Home Agent users
— Track of your Sphere of Influence out side of your zip code through your personalized Skill
— Share with all family, friends, and clients around the world

Find an Agent.

1. Claimed zip code on My Home Agent Skill on Amazon
— My Home Agent is the #1 rated voice activated real estate Skill on Amazon
— Over 30 5-star reviews from property owners.

2. Email introductions to property owners
— Instant email between Realtor and property owners with contact information
— Includes email address & full name (check an example out here)

3. My Home Agent zip code dominance with Google maps & public profile
— Professionally managed My Home Agent business on Google
— Connect Google maps by zip code with your My Home Agent profile to uncover more leads

Keyword SEO.

1. Search engine optimization for your Flash Briefing
— We will use embedded key words in your flash briefing to optimize searches
— Specialized and targeted voice search and key phrases to increase usage

2. Search engine optimization for your customized Alexa Skill
— We will use embedded key words in your flash briefing to optimize searches
— Specialized and targeted voice search and key phrases to increase usage

3. Embedded real estate key words on all your voice platforms
— Attract more clients to your page through embedded key words
— Growth hacking with search engine optimization across all platforms

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