Home Agent releases immediate zip code checker for Amazon Alexa skill for real estate agents.


VENICE, California, September 24, 2018 – HomeyPoints, a real estate tech company, announces updates to its Amazon Alexa real estate skill called Home Agent.

After launching the voice platform about a month ago, real estate agents now have the ability to immediately search zip codes prior to ‘claiming’ them to see if they’re available or unavailable.

While this functionality was previously done only on the back-end and took a day to verify, real estate agents now have the peace of mind that they’re claiming zip codes that are actually available on the front-end.

Try out the new user experience here:

Property Owners — ‘My Home Agent’ is the newest way real estate agents are connecting with and helping clients (like you) sell, buy and lease their real estate in your area. Property owners can quickly find the voice service by searching "sell my home" anywhere on Amazon. If you get stuck after finding it, then HomeyPoints customer service can help you install it.


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