HomeyPoints announces a generous 20% Affiliate Program for referring more agents to its Home Agent seller leads platform


VENICE, California, September 13, 2018 – HomeyPoints LLC, a real estate tech company, announces generous 20% Affiliate Program for referring more agents to the seller leads platform.

HomeyPoints knows how much real estate agents appreciate referrals from friends, family and other professionals! And so they’re asking for referrals from agents too… in the form of more Home Agent users.

Refer a real estate agent to the seller leads service called Home Agents, and you will now receive 20% each month, per user ($20 per month on a standard Home Agent sign-up).

This will ensure that real estate agents help grow their income stream (in a minor but steady way through this affiliate program) and help grow voice technology community.

Click here to start your Affiliate Account for Home Agent today:


Property Owners — ‘My Home Agent’ is the newest way real estate agents are connecting with and helping clients (like you) sell, buy and lease their real estate in your area. Property owners can quickly find the voice service by searching "sell my home" anywhere on Amazon. If you get stuck after finding it, then HomeyPoints customer service can help you install it.


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