Realtors start voice tech company for real seller leads in Venice California.


VENICE, California, September 3, 2018 – HomeyPoints is a real estate technology company that was founded in Venice, California, and is currently based out of Santa Monica, CA.

The company was formed because real estate agents David Bramante and Kayla Horwat were continually disappointed with the lack of connected property owner data and repeated inefficiency in finding and following up on critical seller data points.

HomeyPoints' product lines, and there have been many, have all been the result of the company's singular obsession with merging cutting edge technology with verified seller leads.

Home Agent is the most recent iteration of this focus, blending voice technology on Amazon Alexa with home owner data and their requests for great, local agents.

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Below are the founders...

David Bramante

David supervises our sales team and technical development. He was a top selling Los Angeles real estate agent since 2005. He has started several tech companies, but is most excited about HomeyPoints and its Home Agent.

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Kayla Horwat

Kayla supervises our user experience and investor relations. She was a top leasing agent in Los Angeles for several years before teaming up with David. She has worked for ADP in Chicago, helping secure some of the larger business accounts for company.

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Property Owners — ‘My Home Agent’ is the newest way real estate agents are connecting with and helping clients (like you) sell, buy and lease their real estate in your area. Property owners can quickly find the voice service by searching "sell my home" anywhere on Amazon. If you get stuck after finding it, then HomeyPoints customer service can help you install it.


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