Amazon Alexa Home Agent service continues to grow, and the price to join begins to drop.


MALIBU, California, October 8, 2018 – HomeyPoints LLC, a real estate tech company, announces new pricing for the My Home Agent service it launched a little over a month ago.

“Many agents have already asked when the prices are going to go up because of the excitement over the promise of voice technology." CEO & Co-Founder David Bramante continued, "We're not going to increase prices, and to prove that we're dropping our price to $95 per month beginning November 1, 2018.”

After debuting the new Amazon Alexa service in Los Angeles, and getting coverage in online news (most notably’s “Alexa get me seller leads” article), HomeyPoints has seen tremendous excitement across the country for in its voice platform.

The company plans on continuing to reduce the pricing of its Home Agent service over next few months as it continues to grow, especially through its Affiliate Program which now has over 30 agents participating.

Property Owners — ‘My Home Agent’ is the newest way real estate agents are connecting with and helping clients (like you) sell, buy and lease their real estate in your area. Property owners can quickly find the voice service by searching "sell my home" anywhere on Amazon. If you get stuck after finding it, then HomeyPoints customer service can help you install it.


My Home Agent by HomeyPoints
Malibu, California
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