As it continues to grow quickly, HomeyPoints begins to aggressively reduce its membership pricing


MALIBU, California, October 12, 2018 – HomeyPoints, a real estate tech company, has released completely new membership and pricing options this week for its Amazon Alexa skill called 'My Home Agent'.

After two months of launching My Home Agent, with several major updates to both the website and voice platform, HomeyPoints has reduced the cost for its service.

The new standard membership starts at $95 per month, and there is now an option to pay 6 months in advance to save at least $150. Other discounts have rolled out structured around the feedback the company has received from its Home Agents. 

"We know agents are tired of wasting their hard-earned commission on Zillow, and other websites in search for elusive seller leads.” CEO and Co-Founder David Bramante continued, “We dream of a world where we're connecting real estate agents and property owners quickly and conveniently for only a few dollars a month. My promise is as we continue to grow, we will continue to drive down the price we charge.”

My Home Agent’ is the newest way real estate agents are connecting with and helping clients (like you) sell, buy and lease their real estate in your area. Property owners can quickly find the voice service by searching "sell my home" anywhere on Amazon. If you get stuck after finding it, then HomeyPoints customer service can help you install it.


My Home Agent by HomeyPoints
Malibu, California
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