Mortgage Marketing Radio Listeners!

Mini Podcasts.
aka Flash Briefings.

Like a short and sweet podcast - Amazon Flash Briefing are personalized mini-podcast that your sphere, clients, family and friends can subscribe to. We will manage and upload your monthly recordings to Amazon for you to share your Flash Briefing and increase your online presence and stay top of mind. 

Example of a Flash Briefing on — Listen to David+Kayla

1. Customized flash briefing with market updates
— Upload a new flash briefing monthly for your clients, friends and family
— Provide your SOI updates on market trends from average price to number of homes sold

2. Create voice marketing content around your business and successes
— Share open house schedules, upcoming events, sales and records
— Introduce partners; lenders, inspectors, etc to your Sphere of Influence

3. Personalized and unique link to you and your business
—  Photo of you on your flash briefing with personalized text and messages
— Unique link to your flash briefing to share with your Sphere of Influence