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Yaj Rai
My Home Agent
San Jose, CA 95124
Cambrian Park

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  • 95124

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Brokerage and Address: 
Keller Williams Realty Silicon Valley
2110 S Bascom Ave, #101
Campbell, CA 95008

License Number:

Cell Phone:
(408) 547-7845

Email Address:


Why Clients Trust Yaj: 
Clients First!

As an experienced Real Estate Consultant, I can bring my clients the very best in Professional Real Estate marketing. I am passionate about Real Estate and Customer Service. I continue to invest in Real Estate Market both personally and professionally. My number one priority is providing knowledge and support to my clients, finding their new home and putting their home in front of maximum number of most qualified potential buyers. Having been their first hand MULTIPLE times, I understand how stressful buying and selling your home can be and promise to reduce your anxiety by keeping you well informed throughout the process. I provide all peripheral support needed through my strong network to make the process easy for all my clients.

Graduated from premier engineering college, having over a decade's worth of professional experience in the high-tech industry including management roles, successfully run multiple businesses, I bring a huge amount of experience to service my clientele. I am blessed with great communication skills, great common sense, excellent follow up skills and being thorough.

Your referrals are the life blood of my business. You and your referrals will never find a more dedicated, focused, available, energetic, passionate and pleasant agent to represent you/them. Please write to me or call me for no obligation consultation.

Client Testimonial:

“Hi We are Sahil and Uttara. We just purchased our new home. Where we are right now, through Yajnesh. We started looking for a house in November of last year, working with another agent. About three to four months we felt a bit lost in the process being first time home buyers and thats when we actually met Yajnesh. So when we met Yajnesh, had a consultation with him and we realize even after three four months of looking for a home we pretty much did not know anything and Yajnesh really, throughout the whole process, he was a guide and mentor to us, guiding us every step in the process. So we could really make informed decisions about what we like what we didn’t like and what was our right home for us. And working for 4 weeks with Yajnesh we eventually ended up in contract and we are really happy that we secured this house through Yajnesh and we have being living here for about an ten fifteen days. We are very very happy. So thank you to Yajnesh for helping us being a guide to us to the entire process and I would definitely recommend that you go with Yajnesh whenever you go for your home buying. So thanks a lot Yajnesh.” — Sahil & Uttara, San Jose CA

“Hi, we are Naveen and Shilpa. And we are really excited today, that we bought our first home. We have been looking for buying home from couple of months and we were working with someone else and that’s when our cousin actually referred us to Yajnesh and that’s how our journey started. Working with Yajnesh was a smooth ride for us. He is very attentive and he listens to what you have to say and he pays the attention to every single detail that you have. He helped us through the inspections, negotiations and prioritizing the work and placing an offer. It was a rough ride with the seller with given their situations but Yajnesh helped us through every step and it was really good working with Yajnesh and finally helped us buying this home. So if you are looking for buying a new home Yajnesh is your man.” — Naveen & Shilpa, San Jose

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