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Tom Carnahan
My Home Agent
Los Angeles, CA 91364
Woodland Hills

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Brokerage and Address: 
BrokerInTrust Real Estate
Carnahan and Associates
22552 Burbank Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA. 91367

License Number:

Cell Phone:
(818) 421-1200

Email Address:

Business Website:

Personal Website:

Why Clients Trust Tom: 
Tom Carnahan is a member of an elite club. He is one of fewer than two-dozen real estate professionals selected to receive the highest award bestowed by the 155,000-member California Association of Realtors. Carnahan was selected as the 2005 California Distinguished Realtor, an honor granted to a single professional every year since its inception in 1991.

The award is based on service to the real estate industry and the community. To be considered, a member must have already earned the distinction of C.A.R. honorary director for life, an honor that Carnahan claimed in 1994.

The unflagging dedication to his profession that earned C.A.R.’s top award prods Carnahan on to yet another mission — the transformation of modern real estate. As a founding member of the BrokerInTrust Network, Carnahan intends to establish new standards of service, experience and excellence for all brokers, a quest that will assure every consumer wanting to buy or sell a home they are dealing with only the best negotiators in the business. No one but the most experienced, most accomplished brokers can carry the BrokerInTrust brand; no agents or untested sales people are accepted.

Where many real estate professionals learn the business through trial and error, Carnahan was blessed with the perfect mentor — his father, real estate icon, Joe Carnahan. Tom watched his father grow a single office opened in 1946 into a 22-office, 400-agent company that dominated San Fernando Valley real estate for decades.

Carnahan, who entered the profession in 1975 and earned his broker’s license in 1984, learned the intricacies of real estate under the guidance of his father, yet realized, even then, that much more was needed to succeed in the coming era.

Carnahan understood that growing a company too large, too fast, could sometimes make clients too removed, too distant. To better serve clients, Carnahan in 1985 opened his own real estate company, followed by creation of property management and escrow services companies.

He’s earned a reputation as a broker of integrity dedicated to providing quality service through every step of every transaction. With a reputation synonymous with honest, ethical business practices, it’s little wonder that Carnahan has cultivated a 90 percent repeat rate among clients and a far-ranging referral network that spans multiple geographic locations and nearly four decades of service.

While building his own business, Carnahan expanded his knowledge base and service to his profession and his community.

He earned the CRS Designation — Certified Residential Specialist — and is a member of GRI, the Graduate Realtor® Institute. The CRS is the highest designation awarded to sales associates in the residential sales field. Recipients must complete advanced training in listing and selling while meeting rigorous production requirements. GRI members dedicate themselves to increasing their knowledge and skills in a broad array of technical subjects and the fundamentals of real estate.

Simultaneously, Carnahan expanded his devotion to his profession.

In 1988 he was the youngest Realtor elected to serve as president of what today is known as the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, one of the largest local trade associations in the nation serving the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. He was re-elected president in 2003, the only Realtor to be tapped twice in the Association’s 93-year history.

When he was 28 years of age, Carnahan was recognized as the youngest director of the 1 million-member National Association of Realtors, an organization he has helped lead ever since.

And, Carnahan has appeared as an expert witness in hundreds of legal disputes. His primary role is to help jurors fully understand current standards and expectations of professional and ethical real estate standards.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Carnahan gives back to the community that has provided him with boundless opportunity. He remains eager to do anything from delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to the homebound, visiting the elderly, making calls for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, and raising funds for United Way and the American Diabetes Association, to service on the Boy Scout Council and on the Boards of Directors of his church and organizations such as SERT, Special Equestrian Riding Therapy, which caters to severely disabled youths and adults.

Plus, Carnahan is known for his work as a U.S. Tennis Association umpire and he donates to under-privileged and special needs children so they have the opportunity to learn the sport free of charge.

He has two daughters and resides in Woodland Hills, California.

In short, it’s little wonder that Carnahan was honored with the prestigious California Distinguished Realtor Award. Starting with his father, and then through nearly four decades of service, the Carnahan name has been synonymous with honest, ethical business practices. He has built a reputation as a broker of integrity.

The cornerstone of everything he has built can be summed up with a single word — Service.

His father would be proud!

Client Testimonial:

Tom and Kinsley are beloved friends and former clients. We have come to appreciate their honesty and trustworthiness over the decades we have known them. They did a fabulous job selling our other property last year. They were sweet enough to work above and beyond on my birthday so we could finalize it that day. They were so patient to show me many other properties. They called me on the one we purchased before it went on the market so we basically had first choice! They worked well with the seller to make sure we got what we wnated at a price that exceeded our expectations.
- Alice J. Zellmer Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Honestly they were amazing and especially for me who was buying for investment, the fact that they have a property management company too was amazing. - Chris Hoffman

Tom and Kinsley are the best. Local knowledge and experience is excellent, they handled the entire process flawlessly.
- Andy, Sherman Oaks

Tom and Kinsley Carnahan, went above and beyond what needed to be done for us to purchase our first home. Their knowledge and experience is evident and incredibly helpful. Buying a home is considered to be a very stressful experience, not so with Tom and Kinsley! They kept us focused, sane and made it as painless as possible. We have been telling our friends and family all about them! Thank you so much, truly you have changed our lives for the better! - Rod & Veronica Parong

I have both bought and sold multiple properties in my lifetime. It can be a very intense and often stressful experience. Tom and Kinsley have perfected their craft to ensure that all aspects of the process are as stress free as possible through their knowledge of the industry and expertise. As a team they cannot be beat! From our initial meeting to discuss the current market to helping me determine which of the"multiple offers" received would be the most advantageous and why, to ensuring that closing happened on time (actually a day ahead of schedule, Tom & Kinsley were on top of it all! - Lynn Klein, Port Hueneme, CA

I feel confident telling any prospective buyer or seller that Mr. Carnahan and his firm would be a superior, trustworthy, reliable, easy to deal with firm in their process of home Purchase. Although buying or selling a home is never a simple matter, their firm brings it down to a level that can be easily understood and fundamentally appreciated. I am completely satisfied with their work. And I would imagine my property was one of the more complex ones to deal with. Thank you, Tom, and all your staff. All of you were just spectacular. - David S. Fieno, Studio City

We chose Tom Carnahan because of his professional experience, knowledge of the market, candor and inter personal/people skills. We also dealt extensively with Kinsley Carnahan - "Apple never falls far from the tree". She's great. - Massoud, Westlake Village, CA

I am very grateful for Tom's professional and personal approach to dealing with our family. He was always available and was able to predict and take care of all of our needs. His knowledge of real estate and the market is unrivaled. We are thrilled to recommend Tom and his staff to everyone we know. - Dennis Deutsch, Camarillo

Tom was on top of everything!! My wife and I had complete confidence in his opinion, recommendations, and judgment. With his assistant, Kinsley Carnahan we had a great team guiding us through the sale and assisting with getting everything done. Much appreciated his and his team's confident, friendly professionalism and expertise. - Dennis - Winnetka, CA

Tom Carnahan more than exceeded my expectations! - Adam Hickerson

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