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Otis Jones
My Home Agent
Los Angeles, CA 90048
West Hollywood

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Brokerage and Address: 
Pacific Union / Compass
8560 Sunset Blvd. 3rd Floor
West Hollywood, CA. 90069

License Number:

Cell Phone:
(310) 569-3838

Email Address:


Why Clients Trust Otis: 
Knowledgeable, experienced and expertly responsive, Otis Winfield Jones understands real estate is a major investment. With 25 combined years as a Real Estate and Investment Consultant he maximizes return by starting with the cornerstone of sound investment, “Buy Low and Sell High” whenever possible.

In a competitive market, he delivers accurate market value pricing, strong negotiating skills and a personal commitment to verify and establish property equity so the deal makes dollars and sense. When it’s time to sell, Otis provides all the tools to create exciting staging, enormous curb appeal and energy saving options for premium property placement. In the end, real estate investment is not for amateurs.

Winning in Real Estate Investment is about timing, value assessment, accurate equity projection and expert negotiation. To win, you need the best and the best is Otis Winfield Jones.

CALL 310-569-3838 or email me to get the facts on how to sell your home or find the Dream Home that makes dollars and sense.

Client Testimonial:

Otis Jones worked with me to market and sell my commercial building. I met with Otis and discussed many options before finally developing a plan unique to my circumstances. As it turned out, the plan worked perfectly and my building was listed and sold above asking price in 21 days. Way to go Otis! - C. Cohen

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