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Debbie Pashkoff
My Home Agent
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Home Owners:
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Brokerage and Address: 
Keller Williams Silicon Beach
13274 Fiji Way, Suite 100
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

License Number:

Cell Phone:
(310) 927-8939

Email Address:


Why Clients Trust Debbie: 
Debbie Pashkoff has a passion for Real Estate and L.A.’s west side. Her work ethic and drive provide Real Estate clients with the highest degree of service and attention they deserve. Prior to practicing Real Estate, Debbie had a long, successful career in the special visual effects industry which gives her an eye for detail like no other agent you will find.

Whether you are buying or selling, you need someone that understands your concerns and desires and can provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Debbie Pashkoff treats every client with great care, her personal service lowers the stress of your Real Estate transaction while producing the best possible results. Debbie specializes in selling Single Family Residential, 1-4 unit income properties and cost analysis for local developers that recognize the value of Debbie’s local market knowledge.

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Client Testimonial:

“We knew we needed a special real estate agent when it came time to sell our family home. Right away when we met with Debbie, we knew that she was the one– and from the start to the finish we realized that we could not have found a better agent. Debbie was there for us every step of the way, from finding excellent contractors, to coordinating their work, and helping us to understand how best to show the house. When it went up for sale the house looked great. She knows the neighborhood well, and knew how to properly price the home so we had multiple offers right away, and it sold for a price that was over $100,000 above the asking price.

Debbie is extremely organized, hard-working, and punctual, and always responded immediately in answering our calls. Anytime we met with her she always gave us as much time and information as we needed to understand the process or to help us in making decisions. Finally, very importantly to us, Debbie is truly honest and ethical, and we have come to know that she is very caring regarding the needs and situations of all her clients; she certainly went above and beyond in doing all she could to help us—-no need to list the details of that but she was very patient and extremely helpful always.

If you are looking for a great agent you can trust, and who will really smooth out the selling process, you should definitely meet with Debbie. You won’t be sorry.” –Dennis (seller)

“It was important to us that Debbie lived in the neighborhood; she was able to check on activity and investigate when the security alarm went off. Living in the neighborhood gave her insight to sale trends. Debbie was artful when negotiating being able to find common ground and worked to produce the outcomes we had anticipated. Debbie made herself available in person and/or on the phone as often as needed. From the beginning she was straight forward, hardworking, dedicated to sale; and made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. Better yet we got the price we wanted.” –Tom (seller)

“Debbie is knowledgeable about real estate, was responsive and invested, and pushed the sale through. She did her best to see that we, the buyers, and the seller were happy with the experience, as she was representing us both. She has been in touch since the sale to answer any questions and concerns, and has a good knowledge of the area. She has excellent contacts and recommended to us a mortgage broker in Marina del Rey, Michael Abram, who we were very happy with. I recommend using Debbie’s services.” –Jess T. (seller)

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