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Joseph Fielding
My Home Agent
Dallas, TX 75254

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  • 75254

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Brokerage and Address: 
Keller Williams Urban Dallas
3500 Maple Ave., #440
Dallas, TX 75219

License Number:

Cell Phone:
(214) 998-3261

Email Address:


Why Clients Trust Joseph: 
I am a full time real estate agent and a native Ohioan. I’ve also lived in Colorado and Louisiana, but got to Texas as soon as I could. After being in Houston for three decades I now call Dallas my home. Owned a business for 27 years so I know how to treat customers. Real estate can be a tough business. I can help you sell your current home and find the perfect new one. You will have my unswerving loyalty and I will absolutely make sure to look out for your best interests in any deal. Concierge level service. I am scrupulously attentive to your wants and needs. Laser focused on making sure your home buying and selling experience is as smooth as possible.

Everybody’s got a side gig, or a hobby, and mine is acting. Been doing it for over twenty-five years. I’ve appeared in commercials, industrial training films, student films, TV shows, billboards, and a few movies. (although if you blinked you would have missed me, LOL) Never done any theatre work, the time commitment is just too great.

Now I could be out there trying to find my own acting jobs, but I recognize the importance of having a good agent represent me in my acting endeavors. I have a talent agent. I had one for years in Houston and I have one now in Dallas. They take a commission, that’s how agents make their money, but they are welcome to it. They work hard for their cut. Kind of like real estate agents. You hire a real estate agent to represent you in your property endeavors. You may not know this, but the broker that an agent works under does not pay us anything. We make our money through a commission. When you buy a home, the seller pays. When you sell a home, well, you pay. And one of our main sources of new business is through referrals. So if I do a good job for you, I would appreciate it if you recommended me to your friends and neighbors. Thank you!

Client Testimonial:

I chose Joseph Fielding to sell my condo because I was impressed with his detailed mailings concerning market conditions. He did a wonderful job for me, listing my condo on a Wednesday evening and getting our first 2 offers early Friday morning. I was very comfortable with his handling of the negotiation and selling of my condo. My condo sold for above asking price In less than two days!

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